“Yesterday’s Memories Tomorrow’s Dreams” by Carmen Tom – Wilbur’s Big Stories

Wilbur’s Big Stories

Wilbur being a genius can dream up new products to build any time he pleases, he can almost see into the future, He has plans to build so many new machines he would have to live to be 200 to get them all made. One project he has been working on for over 20 years is a time machine. He really believes he can build one. When he comes close to getting it finished, he starts on more products. Alfred and Albert are also building a time machine. They really believe they could go back to the day Adam and Eve were born. They get to drinking that powerful beer they make and it seems easier each day to build. We’ll just have to wait and see who gets their machine built first.

One of the NEW Products Wilber will come out with next is a machine to do injection molding. He says his machine will make ten times as many parts as the fastest machine in service today. One machine will injection mold aluminum. He has talked to many other inventers over the internet. They all think he’s crazy. But, knowing Wilber he will build it. He claims he has the machine almost finished. The machine that will really get the world thinking is the way to weld two pieces of metal, steel or aluminum together only it’s not really welding. Take aluminum put two pieces together, you brush or spray this liquid aluminum on the two pieces your about to weld together. You now use an electric charge to the metal. It automatically molds together. It’s impossible to pull or break the piece apart. This will really be fast. Just imagine how fast you could build an airplane. No more rivets or welds. Automobiles could be put together fast. You would not have seams to smooth over. The cost of building autos, airplanes will drop in half. Wilber says this method of so called welding is almost ready to go on the market.

Another product that could be on the market soon is the way you resurface roads. We all know how the freeways are wearing out. Laying down asphalt is the fastest way now. But, in heavy traffic it just will not stand up. Tearing the concrete up and putting down new concrete is very costly and slow going. Wilber has solved this. He has invented this material that comes in large rolls, very lightweight. You actually roll the material, which is only 3/4” thick down on the old road. A truck comes along side, sprays water, yes water. The material turns steel hard in less than 1/2 hour. One could refinish a road at nite while the traffic is slow by morning one could drive on the road. Wilber has covered his road leading to his farm. He has driven on it for 5 years with no wear. Of course, we all know his road doesn’t get the traffic as freeways do. Wilber says this method of resurfacing roads would save billions of dollars. He’s waiting for some state or city to let him prove his way of resurfacing roads. Let’s pray someone will take him up on the offer soon. Those freeways are getting worse each day.

Albert and Alfred have been working with a Dr. in California to build a machine that will reprogram a person’s brain. They have built the machine that will change a mad-dog into a gentle puppy. They have tried it on one of their most dangerous bulls. The bull is now as tame as a puppy. They went to a large zoo. They reprogrammed a lion that was a really dangerous lion to be as gentle as a kitty. The keeper just couldn’t believe what had happened to their lion. Alfred said he would like to travel to Africa. He would like to change some of those savages into good people. Old Albert said what’s wrong with you; you’re too old to travel that far. In order to try it on people in our country, the red tape would take years. We got lots of other projects to get out now.

Albert said he had heard of the HAARD-program that is in Alaska. Not too much is known about HAARD. He said he heard of well-informed man tell about it on the Art Bell talk show. Some say it’s about ultra sound. Some say its extreme low frequency “Elf’ radio wave transmission sound. That could control the minds of humans. Others say it is to change the weather pattern. Albert said he is determined to find out. Those of you with computers can find more information. I tried but was unable to really find much. Other than the project is “TRUE” Albert is determined to find out before he kicks the bucket. Which he prays won’t be soon. He also said he will find out about AREA 51 before he leaves this old world. Alfred Albert Wilber have been working together on one project for years. This is a machine that gives off a sound similar to ultra-sound. They have the machine done, now to try it out on humans. They have tried it on their farm it keeps all rats away. It cannot be heard by humans.

Wilbur got to thinking on how to end all wars. Build a sound machine that will give out a sound that will put everyone to sleep. Wilber and his friend in California have been working on the project for 8-10 years. They built one small machine, the size of a suitcase. It works real good.

His friend in California took this machine to Asia. It looked like a suitcase. He traveled to a city of about 35,000 people. He placed the suit case which held the machine in the center of the city in a park. He set the timer to go off at 12 noon. He then left the city. He kept 10-15 miles away. The timer set the machine off and every one fell asleep. He has special ear plugs so he cannot hear the sound. The reason he left the city was he was not sure it would not put him to sleep. This was the first time he had tried it out on this large of a crowd. He stayed in the city until everyone he could see was awake. He then picked the suitcase up and left the city. Before he left he talked to a lot of people. No one seemed to have noticed they had been asleep for 24 hours. He boarded an airline and came back to the U.S. as fast as he could. He checked a lot of papers to see if anyone had noticed anything. In a few days people began complaining of something weird had happened in the last week. No one could come up with any answers. They felt something had happened, but what. He read no more news about this event. He knew it would work. Can our government use this machine? Take IRAQ for instance, we could have anny personnel traveling as tourist they could place these suit cases in place throughout the city. Set the timer, place their special ear plugs on and wait till everyone was asleep. They could call the army in take over the city. The people would wake up to see they had been taken over by another government. No one would ever know what happened. If our government could keep this a big secret, they would never find out what had happened., Can you imagine OLD Sadam waking up and finding out he no longer was in power. He would probably go mad trying to find out what had happened. Of course he would no longer be in power. A new government would be set up. You can get the picture. The government who had this machine could change the world as long as they keep it a secret. But knowing out government someone would have to blab this out so the whole world would know.

People have asked me for years just where is Wilber’s, Alfred and Albert’s farms. About 15-20 years ago I made a mistake of telling someone. Soon their farms were being overrun with people coming from all over. They put up electric fences, set the dogs on many. I then traveled to South Dakota I took down all signs leading to their farms. I’d install signs saying for instance: Wilber’s farm down the road. I had arrows pointing out into the badlands. The signs would take the people so far away some would run out of gas. People were going crazy trying to find the farms. I also ran ads in many papers saying Wilber, Alfred and Alfred had moved to Montana. I keep them crazy trying to find them. All three stayed out of sight for a year. They had plenty projects to work on. Once in a while, they told me they would leave the farms 2-3 in the morning and travel to Nebraska coming back to their farms late at night a day or two later. After a time people gave up trying to find their fanns. Today they still live on their farms. No address on any gates, etc. They pick their mail up in town miles away. They now live a low profile life. They have their special friends who come to their farms. The dogs and the electric fence will keep away strangers.

All three are working on a machine that will take us from one dimension to another. Some scientists believe there are as many as 13 dimensions. Wilber asked Pastor Larson, how did Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus on the high mountain mentioned in _? They had been dead four many years. They most likely had been in heaven. But how could they appear and leave again so fast. Also, when Jesus was on earth he would appear in many places miles away in seconds. He was God, but also man, how could he do this? Some think he passed from on dimension to another. Many believe that is where heaven is, just next door in another dimension. Think about it. Also, what happened to the many airplanes that disappeared in the area called Bermuda Triangle many planes disappeared right in the front of other planes. No one ever knew what happened. Just maybe they went from one dimension into another.

Just maybe some year we will find the answer. Wilber says, he could have the machine done in a year or two, but with so many other products to build he can’t find time to do them all. After all he is in the 80’s, not a young man any more. Wilber built this one spray machine; you could spray paint a house or barn in no time at all. The paint gave out no fumes, no smells, etc. It’s a powder like. After it dries in 10-15 minutes the paint dries to a beautiful gloss and hard as a rock. He painted one of his old Ford Trucks over 10 years ago. It still looks new. He stopped painting his cars, trucks, motorcycles as he wants them to look old and worn out. Wilber tried selling the paint formula and the special sprayer to a large company in Chicago. But they want him to bring it to their Chicago factory and show them just how it works. He told them no. He never intends to go to a large city again. We will just have to wait and see. This could become really big. Imagine painting houses, cars etc. No overspray, no dust, no smells, etc. Minutes after you painted the car-house-whatever it would be done and ready to use.

Wilber has been working on a Gravity Machine for 15-16 years. He got the idea watching Discovery Channel on the Pyramids in Egypt. They told and showed men pulling 3-70 tom blocks with rope on the sand. Then how did they lift the heavy blocks 100 to 20 feet in the air. He just refused to believe this. Also how did they cut these blocks so precise? We could not do this today without our modem machines. Wilber read about so many things done years ago. Like the stone hedge in England how did they move these heavy stones 5-20 tons each from miles away.

He studied the large statues on Easter Island. These are 5 to 20 ton all facing one direction, they had to be moved from miles away. How did they do it? He thought about it for days on end. He came to the conclusion that lots of people thousands of years ago, had to have found the secret of gravity, if you knew this you could move and place large objects with ease. He read and listened to many scientists he came to the conclusion they knew the secret of gravity so he got to work on building his machine. After 15 years he now has a small machine real small size of a loaf of bread with this he is able to lift 500 lbs with ease. He proved this one day while selling 100lbs sacks of grain to a grain dealer. He had his truck loaded with 80 sacks. He was carrying 5-100 lobs sacks of grain from his truck to the ware house. Some men were standing there watching this old man carry 500lbs with ease. They watched till he had unloaded his old truck. One young man went over to the sacks. He tried to carry one. He had all he could do to lift if off the ground. He then took a cart and took a sack over to the scales. They weighed 100 lbs. He said to Wilber, he did not know Wilber. How in the world could you carry 500 lbs with ease? He said easy I ate a big box of Wheaties this morning. All the men watching said Wheaties? We could all eat 10 boxes each and still not lift the sacks. Wilber told no one of his secret. He just smiled and said, “You men start eating Wheaties. He drove away leaving those men dazed. One other time while driving his old Model A Ford back from the big city of Rapid a car had ran off the road. It rolled over trapping 2 young men in the car. There were 6-7 men trying to lift the car. One even had a jack trying. Old Wilber left his machine in his car pointed toward the over turned car. He then walked over to the car, said to the men, you all having trouble. He took a hold of the car, lifted it up. He told the men standing around; now get those boys out of there. This car is heavy; I can’t stand here holding it up all day. They pulled the two boys out of the car. By this time the wrecker and police had arrived. Wilber let the car drop to the ground. All the men said how in the world did you lift that car? Old Wilber smiled and said your boys start eating Wheaties. He then got in his old truck and left. All the men stood there. The word got out it even made the news and the papers. This old man had lifted this car off all by himself Most of the people would not believe the story. Wilber believes he will have a larger machine built soon one that will lift 5-10 tons. It has to be quite large, but his is dreaming of a way to make the machine smaller. He told Alfred and Albert what he was doing. They said old buddy we have our own machine. Wilber said tell me about yours. They said not till you tell us about yours first. They all said let’s go home drink some beer. Alfred said to Wilber we’ll drink my beer, it’s much better tasting than yours old Wilber said ok I’ll save mine for myself. Wilber, Alfred and Albert continue to work on many new machines.

Wilber said to Alfred and Albert one day while working on his old John Deere. I wonder if the aliens will ever visit us again. We could use some new ideas. Wilber said I’d like to find out if moving from one dimension to another is really the way they travel thru space. Alfred said you know what they told us the last time they were here. When we humans stop killing each other and end all wars they will be back to see us. Wilber said yes but I can’t wait much longer I’m getting old. Alfred said I’m close to finding the secret of living to be 120 and longer. The bible says man’s year shall be 120 we all believe the bible let’s study it more. We have to find the way to live 120 years. It’s in the bible. We just have to find it. All three went to see old Pastor Larson there old Pastor and good friend. They talked to Larson he just smiled and said boys were all getting old soon we’ll find the answer when we get to heaven. Wilber said yes, but I got to find the answer soon. I have lots of machines to build before I leave this old world. Pastor Larson said good friends, go home leave that beer alone. Study your bible the truth is in the bible. So they all left. They all went to their homes and re-read their bibles over and over. After 1 year had passed Wilber said to his buddies, I had a dream last night. It seemed like to last all night. I dreamed of living to be 120 years. I think I now know how. Wilber said I dreamed I was 150 years old. The world had changed so much. I don’t believe I want to live to be 150. I’m going to stop at 120 just like the bible says. So old buddies, let’s get to work. Alfred said why can’t I dream like you do? Wilber smiled and said Old friend someday I’ll tell you how when we find the way to pass from one dimension to another. We’ll be able to go from planet to planet in seconds. This is the only way we’ll be able to travel thru space. God did not build man’s body to travel into outer space from one planet to the other. Our bodies are not designed to stand the pressure of moving at such high speed you would have to travel to get from planet to planet. The only way to do it is from one dimension to another. Let’s get to work and find the way. So all went home and started on this project.

Wilber told his buddies one day while drinking a beer, “I’ve been working on a product maybe one or both of you could help me with. They said sure old friend, what is it? He said find the secret of the poles. Sooner than later some one will come up with a way to capture the power of the poles. Alfred said remember when we rode our motorcycles to Alaska in the 60’s, Wilber said I sure do that was a trip we’ll never forget. Alfred said remember when we were way up north as far one can go by motorcycle. You had a flat tire. We were all sitting on the side of the trail. You were taking the tire off the rim, the tire wrench flew right out of your hand. It went flying thru the air headed north; we got the tire fixed on the way back. We stopped by a campsite those two old timers told us to stay away from the poles. The pull the poles have is fantastic. It will pull the tools right out of our hands. We were lucky to get back even here the power of the poles is super powerful. Those old timers told us to get out while we still could. Those old timers had been looking for gold at least that is what they told us. Albert said we got to find a way to magnify the pull so we can us its power. There is no end to the many uses one could do with the power of the pull. Wilber said we could use this power to power our generators on our farms when the wind is not blowing. We now have to use our back-up solar power. We sure could find many ways to use this. So old Wilber the genius his is said well get to work soon or both the power of the poles and better ways to use out gravity machine. Wilber has this machine now that will lift over 5,000 lbs. but it is just too large and bulky. This is what he had in his truck when he lifted the car off so the two boys could get out of the car. Wilber says there is so many ways to use gravity its mind boggling. Wilber told Alfred I got to stop working so much on gravity and pole power. I have to get working on my new diesel engine that will get 150 miles to the gallon and put out 150 HP over 120 lobs of tongue. The engine is much too large now. He wants to get it down to the size of VW’s 1900 cc diesel. He wants to build the engine that size so he could put it in almost any small front wheel drive cars. imagine getting 150 mpg. The gas companies would go crazy. I’m sure they would try every way possible to keep this engine from going on the market. Old Wilber has a plan no politician could stop. We all know the politicians are owned by super big Corporations. Oil companies included. As I have said before out government is not really interested in people getting good gas mileage out of their cars. The oil companies have the politicians in their pockets. I just read Dodge is coming out with a new pick-up 500 HP so luxurious it will be used as a sport car. Now that 500 HP truck will be lucky to get 10 miles to a gallon. Now that’s really saving gas. Who the hell are they trying to fool?

Wilber has built many types of engines, he knows this really good. He will have this small diesel ready to be put into production within a year. Now he has put the larger version in one of his old tractors he has used it in the fields for 8 hours on only 3 gallons. Wilber has built a turbo charger, but his is much different than those on cars and trucks today. There’s no turbo lag it turns twice as fast as any turbo on the market today. He refuses to say too much more about his diesel other than the turbo, its injectors are different than those found on diesel today. That is just on reason for the good mileage. Wilber says he will build a diesel engine that will look like a Harley engine. It could be a replacement for the Harley engine that is a very good gas mileage engine. My 2001 Road King will get 50 MPG just cruising along. Can you imagine getting 200 to 250 miles to the gallon? Wilber says his cycle diesel engine will be built to sound almost like a Harley or he can build it so quiet one can hardly hear it. He says the Germans and Japanese build some of the best diesels in the world. The US could do this also but their more interested in making money. Use the old designs as long as you can fool the public. Well Wilber doesn’t believe this way. He says he was put on earth to help build a better place to live. Try and make it good for all people. Not just the cream of the crop. Wilber’ s old friend Alfred and Albert, have converted a John Deere Diesel tractor to get twice the torque and twice the mileage. They use this on their farm. They keep it well locked up in one of their sheds. When not using it if someone tried getting on their farm. They have so many alarms it could wake the devil up. They have set up more booby traps around their farm than the US Army rangers could set up.

Old Alfred pops up and says to Wilber, “when are you going to get the machine done so we can go from on dimension to another?” Wilber says, “Old buddy it should be done within 2 years. Alfred said, yes but I’d like to visit the moon, mars, maybe even farther out in space eve some other galaxy. Wilber said just be patient we’ll all travel there together some day.

He could sell the engine to some large tractor or truck company now, but he wants to get the small engine done. So he can surprise the world. He has heard from many large companies both in Europe and Japan. The Chinese want this engine really bad. But old Wilber says you can’t trust the Commies. They would steal his ideas and think nothing of it. He would be out in the cold, it would take years to fight this in the courts and the money the lawyers would charge is crazy. I’ll just wait for the right time then watch out. I’ll shock up the whole world.

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