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R.I.P Carmen Tom

Carmen D. Tom, a long time resident of Maple Valley and long time Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club member passed away peacefully on April 20, 2018. Carmen was born on April 26, 1926 in Britton, South Dakota to Mr. and Mrs. John D. Tom. Carmen married Donna Hansen on June 19, 1949 in Britton and later [...]

Visiting Carmen Tom – by the Great Seymour

There I was today 5/24/17, visiting 91-92 year old [he’s not sure which] Carmen Tom. He was concerned about paying the income tax on a check for a wad of money that showed up in the mail. And he dismissed an appeal from some right wing Christians wanting him to send $29. He got an [...]

My whole family raced out at Jolly Rogers

The official Jolly Ropers Motorcycle Club website received an email today from Konnie Wilson telling of her memories of her dad Robin Wilson and the Jolly Rogers grounds.  Here are her words: “My name is Konnie Wilson, my whole family raced out at Jolly Rogers.  Ran the concession stand, groomed the hill climb (one year [...]

“The ascendancy of the Club”

While it is gratifying to find the name and memory of the club still in existence, it is important to note the newfound structure of the club is a far cry from its heritage, which was enhanced by the former ownership of the club grounds. In that era, members were much more active and supportive [...]

Ahhh, nostalgia!

Ahhh, nostalgia! Behold, it is I, 76 year old Greatseymour. As you might well imagine, I am a great fan for the club grounds as they were back in the day. Even when there was nothing going on we could go there and find it peacefully quiet. Birdies chirping, and a wilderness like atmosphere, shrouded [...]

The Party! remembered by the Great Seymour

Relying on my old geezer memory, I now describe the party we threw on the Jolly Rogers grounds on a pleasant summer day in the mid 80‘s, a superior event worth recalling. Attending were bikers and friends. CJ prepared a generous meal of spaghetti, potato salad, green salad, garlic bread, and soda pop. Tim (Fingers) [...]

And So I Ride

When I meet people who find out that I ride a motorcycle, I often hear… So…you ride a motorcycle, aren’t you afraid of… Getting in an accident? Falling down? Drunk drivers? What are you crazy? You could get hurt. Do you wear a helmet?, Are you in a gang? Are you in your second childhood? [...]

Bennie the bug

We get old, we try to deal with it.  Still you have aches and pains.  Ron Bennett takes great care of himself, working out daily at the gym.  He’s was one of the top riders from yester year on the Jolly Roger MX track.  Still has his racing bikes in a spotless garage.  Bennie the [...]

“Wearing the Patch” by Sprocket

The Great Seymour asked I, Sprocket if I’d care to share with the world my time spent with the Jolly Rogers.  I agreed, and am writing from the best of my recollection starting when I joined the club at the end of 2007. A brief background first.  Was a parts guy for both an independent [...]

We are looking for available videos and pictures from the Jolly Rogers Racetrack.

Toward the end of its existence, the Jolly Rogers racetrack was gradually expanded and converted from Scrambles to Motocross. Available pictures and videos from that era are increasingly hard to find. We solicit any who wish to contribute to make them available for posting. Please contact us at