“The ascendancy of the Club”

While it is gratifying to find the name and memory of the club still in existence, it is important to note the newfound structure of the club is a far cry from its heritage, which was enhanced by the former ownership of the club grounds. In that era, members were much more active and supportive of club events, some of which is called to attention by this web site: jollyrogersmotorcycleclub.com. The lack of concern for squeezing members for dues left them more enthusiastic for contributing their support towards obtaining the satisfaction derived from the money made with activities.

Other than its link with the AMA, there was no connection to other organizations because: We Were the Jolly Rogers’. Our fame was well known within the motorcycling community and our integrity was unchallenged. While the “ascended” club tries to tie itself to that past, its structure makes that effort synthetic. New members pay for the privilege of name recognition, but the connection ends there. Older members are largely gone. It is sad to see what is left of a vibrant club now reverting to its largely closed and exclusive configuration. Secretary Bone expressed their outlook perfectly as follows:

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club former Secretary “Bone”: “The ascendancy of the Club in Seattle is going to continue and if that makes some of our older members uncomfortable that’s unfortunate but unavoidable.”

(Blog contribution by the Great Seymour)

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