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Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club Official website has reached over 50,000 hits

“Gadzooks, Tim! Your site has past the 50,000 mark for visits. While the club may erode, at least it is able to ride on the publicity you provide. Its memory of better days is kept fresh for all. I see hits coming from well beyond this area and out of the country. It is obvious recognition of the effort you put into it.”

The Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club website hit a milestone last week as we reached over 50,000 hits.  We hung the website a little over 12 years ago only receiving just a few vistors each week.  Now the website is visited hundreds of times each week by fans of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club (one of Seattle’s oldest motorcycle clubs) from all over the world.

In the late 90s a few of the aging remaining cub members decided to resurect the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club from almost extinction.  Long time and some lifetime club members, the Great Seymour, his wife CJ, Carmen Tom, Fred Bare and Ron Bennett (Benny) were instrumental in reviving the old club.

The Great Seymour also understood the value of the internet and attempted to create the first iteration of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club website. At that time was offering free website space to motorcycle clubs to hang their sites. Seymour not being a web developer enlisted longtime acquaintance Fingers DeHan owner operator of DeHan Computer Services & Website Design to perform the deed in exchange for free membership to the Jollies for the service. After a little less than a year Seymour and Fingers decided that the Jollies web presence should grow and in 2003 Fingers purchased the domain name and designed and developed a new website. The current site at is still the original, official website of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club with now over 50,000 hits.  One of the many highlights of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club website is that we received special permission from Norman Greenbaum to use his 1970 hit “Spirit In The Sky” as the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club official website theme song.  Other great highlights of the Jollies website are the many historical pictures and numerous one of a kind Super 8 home movies taken by the Great Seymour and his wife CJ of early races at the famous Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track.