My whole family raced out at Jolly Rogers

The official Jolly Ropers Motorcycle Club website received an email today from Konnie Wilson telling of her memories of her dad Robin Wilson and the Jolly Rogers grounds.  Here are her words:

“My name is Konnie Wilson, my whole family raced out at Jolly Rogers.  Ran the concession stand, groomed the hill climb (one year the bulldozer flipped and rolled down the hill climb).

My dad Robin Wilson, mom Sharon Wilson brother Don Wilson, sister Tina, other 2 brother John and Robin.  My uncle John Wilson would come out as well.  We use to help Mickey Faye with his bikes and before races Mickey and Don and some of the other guys would tune up there bikes at our house and test them on our road.  Boy they were loud.

My dad raced with Gus, and Lloyd Albee.  Danny and Annie mc carthy.  We have several photos as we lived at that track every weekend and most of the summers for years.  My dad was an SMC member for 40+ yrs.  unfortunately he passed away on the 18th of march.  We would love to let some of the other riders know.  We had such great memories of the picnics and scrambles, poker runs, and camping in the step van from Smith Van Lines. “


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