The Party! remembered by the Great Seymour

Relying on my old geezer memory, I now describe the party we threw on the Jolly Rogers grounds on a pleasant summer day in the mid 80‘s, a superior event worth recalling.

Attending were bikers and friends. CJ prepared a generous meal of spaghetti, potato salad, green salad, garlic bread, and soda pop. Tim (Fingers) DeHan was there with his musical equipment to perform some of his nightclub presentations, singing and playing keyboard. A few riders attempted the track with inadequate results.

To some degree, Tim also functioned as party organizer, which included a contest involving an activity carrying eggs. After handing all an egg, he described their purpose, but the audience was unresponsive and just stood around with egg in hand. As he continued to describe his activity, CJ threw her egg, hitting him in the back.  Not knowing his assailant, he discharged his weapon in kind, and in short order all eggs were utilized in a communal egg fight. The party concluded and all departed happy for the occasion.

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  1. John Payne says:

    My Dad had fastest time on the hill in 1956,11.89 sec’s.He won Sunday,May 24th, 1959 80″ time of 13.72. Also have home movie’s taken by my Mom (Gladys Haydon Payne) no one has ever seen! Realllly cool pic’s.

  2. Greatseymour says:

    If your movies are on a CD, let us know. We may add them to this site

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