Mickey Fay

Mickey Fay (left) and Jeff Haney pose next to their factory Honda’s in a press photo for 1980 - The Rider Files

A number of the Jollies scooted on down to Puyallup Fairgrounds on Saturday 11/27/2010 to take in Mickey Fay’s NW Extreme Flattrack Racing / Motorcycle & Quad indoor flattrack. Despite the cold and the aluminum bleachers, the races were pretty exciting, the track was large enough for passing, and some riders were very good!

To some that do not know Mickey Fay (pictured above to the left along with teammate Jeff Haney) is a member of the Washington State Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Mickey holds his spot in motorcycle history and was a frequent competitor and winner at the famous Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track in Kent, WA.

About 20 years ago Honda introduced a 500 4-stroke single intended as a dual purpose bike. Burien Honda’s service manager Roger Stanley hopped up the engine, Richard Washer (Wasco) made a frame, and Mickey Fay became a member of Honda’s Dirt Track Team and part of  Honda’s Grand National Flat Track program.  He won the ’79 Houston TT (at the Houston Astrodome). It was such an achievement for a bike never intended to be raced that Honda ended up giving Mickey a factory ride for a couple of years. While in the mix with the national competition, he never achieved a similar distinction and is now promoting local races. See http://mickeyfaysraces.com

See pictures from Mickey Fay’s NW Extreme Flattrack Racing / Motorcycle & Quad indoor flattrack, Saturday 11/27/2010.

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  1. BobD says:

    These super 8 home videos are fantastic! You should post these up on YouTube.

  2. Greatseymour says:

    The new will never know the joy we all had back in the day, it’s there lost!!

  3. Michael Pullen says:

    Just wanted to say hello to anyone out there that might remember my family. What a great web site.

    Mike Pullen
    Ray Pullen
    Kay Pullen

  4. Michael Pullen says:

    We belonged to club from approx 1972 thru 1977

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