“Yesterday’s Memories Tomorrow’s Dreams” by Carmen Tom – UFOs


Wilber, Alfred and Albert claim they saw their first UFO in the early 1960’s. All three are brilliant men, a little different, but that would depend on whom you compare them with. All are in their 80’s, and in very good health. They have never quit designing and building new products. Some people claim they were hallucinating when they said they saw the U.F.O., since all three had made such powerful beer and white lighting for the last 60 some years and have drank more than their share. Personally I believe them, but you decide.

Back in the early 60’s, it was April and Wilber was out feeding his cattle; it was around 8:30 PM. He had been out working in the fields all day. Wilber grew some of the best oats, wheat, and corn in the U.S. He used much of this to make his powerful beer and white lighting.

As he was walking toward his house, he noticed a big shadow on the ground. He looked around and what he saw was so strange it scared him. He looked at this big round thing about 50’ away and about 50’ off the ground. It was completely silent. After staring at it for what seemed like hours, he turned and ran for his house. He called his good friends Alfred and Albert.

He went back outside and the craft went what appeared to be straight up into the air. It was out of sight in just a few seconds. He again called Alfred and Albert and told them what he saw and asked them to go outside and watch the skies. They hurried outside, not even putting on theirjackets. It was April and the night was still pretty cold. They took their binoculars and sat down on their chairs in their yard. They watched for over an hour and they were getting cold so Alfred went back into the house to get their jackets. When he returned he noticed old Albert lying on the ground. Alfred was real, scared; he feared Albert had a heart attack. He shook him and felt his pulse and in a few minutes Albert sat up. He was white as a ghost. He tried to talk but was still very scared. He said, “I saw it.” Alfred said, “you saw what?” Albert said, “I saw the thing Wilber called us about.” He said it was out by the barn, about 20 feet off the ground and it looked like they were interested in our cattle. After a few minutes they took their powerful flashlights, they had designed and built these flashlights; the bulbs would last for years and the batteries for 20-30 years. When they did need recharging, you just plugged them into a house light socket and in a few minutes they would be fully charged. They shined the light all over the barn and ground. Albert shouted to Alfred, “look over there on the ground.” One of their priced cows lying on the ground. They looked the cow over really good. They noticed it had been cut open. One of the first things they noticed, there wasn’t any blood anywhere. The heart was gone, the kidneys, lungs and many other parts were gone. Alfred said we have to call Wilber, then the sheriff and their good friend Dr. Peterson who was the best veterinary in the hills. In what seemed like hours Wilber got there first, then the sheriff and soon Dr. Peterson arrived. They told their story and showed them the cow. Dr. Peterson checked the cow over really good. He said he had never seen anything like this in all his years of being a vet. He said the cuts were so clean and neat, a knife couldn’t do this. It had to be some kind of lazar. The sheriff called his office and told one of his deputies to get a truck and get out to Alfred’s at once. They loaded the cow into the truck. The sheriff told all three to be extra careful. Keep your yard lights on and keep your guns near by. Maybe even start packing your 45’s again and call us at once if you see any unusual things.

Wilber had listened to the radio and loved the night radio talk hosts. For the last 10 to 12 years he had been listening to Art Bell, who is the best night talk show host in the world and he is heard all over the world. I myself have been listening to Art Bell for many years. On one of Art’s shows he had a guest who told of all the cattle that were mutilated in parts of Colorado and New Mexico and the states government had been investigating for many years. They had no answer to what was going on. It seemed like people would see U.F.O.’s and black helicopters before the cattle mutilating. But who really knows.

Most people figured the government really knew what was going on, like the craft that crashed near Roswell, NM in 1947. But our government just will not tell us the truth. Some claim people could not cope with it. Many smart people believe that U.F.O.’s have been visiting planet earth for thousands of years. Even in our Holy Bible in the Book of Ezekiel it tells of strange crafts being seen near the river Chebar. Please take some time, dust that old Bible off and read the book of Ezekiel. The Bible tells us how to live and if we all would believe in it and do as it says, what a different world this would be. The Bible was written for us to read.

After the deputy took the cow away, days and months went by and no word about the cow. The government had shut this one up. There were no further sightings reported. Then one day, old Albert called the sheriff and asked about his cow and if whoever had the cow would like to be paid for the cow. Old sheriff Jack Taylor said what cow. He had been ordered to cover this story up. The government claimed Wilber, Alfred, and Albert were just some old drunks who had made up the whole story.

Months went by and no one said anything about U.F.O.’s or the cow.

It was the 3rd of July. Wilber, Alfred and Albert were planning on going to town on the 4th as the tavern always put on big fireworks and had a big party. People had been coming to this big event for years. On the 3rd of July Wilber was coming from the barn after doing all the chores. He felt like something was going to happen, a strange feeling came over him. He turned and looked back at the barn. He almost fainted at what he was seeing. It looked like the same craft he had seen in April. He had his powerful flashlight and he was packing his 45. The craft came toward him and it made no sound. It hovered about 15 feet off the ground. It got within 15 to 20 feet of him. He could see it very clear. It had what seemed like portholes all around and it was about 100 feet across and maybe 8-10 feet high. It had powerful lights on and one seemed like a spotlight. The light came right on Wilber. He was scared to death. He called for his dogs, they were always with him, but they had taken off for the hills.

Wilber shouted out to the craft, what do you want? Who are you? The craft moved closer toward him. He pulled his 45 and emptied it at the craft. The bullets seemed to just bounce off the craft. Old Wilber was really scared. He ran into his house. He grabbed his deer rifle off the wall. It was always loaded. He stepped out the back door of his house, two men, at least they looked like men, grabbed him. They were very powerful. Old Wilber said, “What do you want with me? You can take all my cattle, my sheep, my horse, but please don’t take old Jumper. They said nothing and they took him over to the craft, which now was hovering about one foot off the ground. What seemed like a door opening, they carried Wilber into the craft. He was really scared. But a funny feeling came over him. He no longer was scared. A voice came from a box, the voice said, “do not be afraid Wilber, we will not harm you. We would like to be your friends. We are here on your planet to study you humans. We need some things from you, like the organs we took from your cow. We are running experiments, we will need more animal parts, but will not take anymore from you.”

Wilber was now completely relaxed. They let him look the craft over. He noticed four more aliens none spoke directly to him. When he asked a question, a voice would come from a box. These could pass as humans, but they all wore uniforms. There were no buttons or metals on their uniforms. By this time the craft had lifted off, it was high in the sky. Wilber looked out one porthole. He could see Alfred and Albert’s farm. The lights were on. Wilber said to the aliens, “Lets drop down and see my friends.” The voice from the box said, “oh, no problem.” The craft scooped down into the back yard. It hovered about one foot off the ground, it made no sounds and the lights must have surprised Alfred and Albert. They came out of their house when they saw the craft and so close by, they almost fainted. A voice came from the craft. It said, “this is Wilber do not be afraid.” A door opened and Wilber stepped out. An alien also stepped out of the craft, a voice from the craft said, “We came as your friends. Please do no be afraid.”

Alfred and Albert were so happy to see Wilber; they gave him a big bear hug and almost broke his ribs. The alien escorted Alfred and Wilber into the craft. The door to the craft shut. It lifted off and was high in the sky before you could snap your fingers. The craft flew all over the black hills. Wilber asked them to fly over the small town. The alien said, “no problem.” The town looked really small from high in the sky. Alfred asked the aliens if we could land out in front of the tavern. The sheriff’s car was out in front. The town was full of people who came to see the big fireworks. All of the people were in for a big surprise when they saw the alien craft and saw the aliens, Wilber, Alfred and Albert coming out of the craft. The sheriff almost fainted. The craft hovered about one foot off the ground. The alien told Wilber, Alfred and Albert to stay only five minutes and we will take you all back to your farms. All three greeted the sheriff and all their friends. Most of the people looked like they had seen a ghost. They just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The alien greeted the people and a voice from the craft said, “We are your friends, we have been coming to your planet for thousands of years. Please do not be afraid of us. We will never harm you. We are peaceful people. But we must worn you, there are people in outer space from some planets that are not friendly. But most of the people that live on other planets are friendly. They are not like people from earth. You have been fighting and killing since Adam and Eve.”

The alien said, “You should read the Book of Ezekiel. Read chapters one, verse five. Better yet, read the entire book. And while you are at it, dust that old Bible and read it. Our God and your God has left you very good instructions on how to live and in live in peace. The alien said, “If you would believe in the Ten Commandments, you would have no wars, no killings. You could learn to live in peace. On our planet, we all live in peace. When you earth people learn to live in peace without wars, we will come back and tell you the true story of the universe.”

All the aliens went back into the craft. Wilber, Alfred and Albert entered as instructed. The craft lifted off and was high in the sky in seconds. They first took Alfred and Albert back to their farms. They told them good-bye. We pray we can see you again. They then took Wilber to his farm. Before they left, one alien came over to Wilber and gave him a big hug and said good-by my friend. The craft then lifted off and was high in the sky and out of sight in seconds. Wilber went back into his house and went to bed and slept like a baby. He dreamed of living in a peaceful world without any more wars or killings and living in peace. If only this dream would come true.

The End

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