“Yesterday’s Memories Tomorrow’s Dreams” by Carmen Tom – Wilber’s Telescope

Wilber’s Telescope

This has got to be the most powerful telescope ever made. Wilber has been working on this on and off for over twenty years. Ever since he bought his first computer he has done more in one day then he could have done in twenty years. The computer is truly a lifesaver.

This telescope is so far advanced, you can see millions of light years away. One can see other planets real clear, just like watching TV on a large screen, most planets seem to be dead, at least the side that one can see. You can see planets in other galaxies real close. There is one planet that Wilber told me about, so I keep going back to it. Wilber named this planet Earth number two. I could see people walking on the streets, real ultra modem cars and many other forms of transportation. I found an airport, all the planes looked very much like flying saucers seen on earth, they moved through the air super fast. The people and animals looked just like they do on earth. I saw horses, cows, dogs and cats on farms just like on earth. Either they copied us or we copied them. I saw beautiful lakes, mountains, trees, etc. one would think you were looking at earth. I saw no deserts, but they could be on the other -side of the planet or maybe the whole planet is beautiful. Wilber told me he realizes that it is impossible for a spaceship to travel from earth to this planet, it would take thousands of light years to travel there.

As I looked at the cars there, I could see no exhaust fumes of any kind. I assumed that it ran on some other form of power. I’m sure that 100 years from now our cars will be powered by some other form, other than a gas engine. Wilber has only found any kind of life on this one planet, but then there are millions, so it is impossible to really know. Wilber believes that until we learn to go from one dimension to another, travel between planets now is impossible. He says, if only he could live another 25- 30 years he could find a way or if the Great Nikola Tesla could have lived fifty more years this old planet would be completely different. Tesla was the greatest Engineer and inventor this Old World has ever had. Those of you, who have not heard of Tesla, type Nikola Tesla on your computer and you will get a wonderful history of him. You know it’s strange all the years I spent in school I never remember hearing of Tesla, WHY? Are most schools just interested in teaching you to read and write and play sports, oh we all love sports, buthow many of us can really make a living in them? It seems to me that other than reading and writing, everything else I had to learn on my own.

When Jesus was on Earth he traveled from one place to another in no time at all. When Moses and Elijah were on Mt. Sinai with Jesus how did they get from heaven to Earth, then go back in seconds. Wilber and I both believe that they moved from one dimension to another. They knew the secret, someday we also will. We believe Heaven is really just next door. I have yet to have anyone tell me where it is. I believe there is a heaven, but where is it? Wilber believes that if he could live another thirty- forty more years, he could find the answers. If Nikola Tesla could have lived another twenty-five to Thirty years he would have found out how to do this and so much more.

Let’s go back to Wilber’s telescope. Not only can one see millions of light years away, Wilber has made this scope so one can see hundreds of years into the future, you can adjust the scope to see your future when you will leave this old world. Both Wilber and I believe this is not what we want. We will let God keep this a secret from us. With this scope you can see what earth will be like 100 years from now. I’ve looked and seen Seattle 100 years from now. Man how beautiful it looked. The advancement in the way we travel was most interesting. Science had found a way for man to live to be 120 and older, there seemed to be no illness anywhere. I looked for hospitals and saw none, only small clinics.

When I looked for Seattle, I looked for the waterfront, it was so beautiful, and it looked like one big park. I wonder when the city got rid of the vie* dock, cause it was gone. I could see the football stadium it looked beautiful. When you build something good it will last hundreds of years. Look at some of the old buildings and bridges back on the East Coast, hundreds of years old and still standing. I looked for the baseball stadium and found it. All the old buildings on First Avenue by the old ballpark were gone. I looked for the train depots and they were still there. I see 15 it is still there, but above it was the most beautiful monorail. The monorail seamed to go all over the Puget Sound. I could see at the south end of Seattle there was a long tunnel going north under city, it seamed to come out on aurora Ave. north. If only I could be in a helicopter, one could really see well. One of the nicest things I saw was the space needle it looked as beautiful as ever. I then looked at Lake Washington, 1-90 was till there, a monorail ran along sideit, and it was going fast. I lookednorth and saw 520 it also had a monorail along side it. I was really tired, I had to quit for the day. I get tired when I am on any computer also. I waited two days and then looked again, it was hard at first trying to find where I left off. I saw Renton, so I looked at Lake Washington and found 405. Boy, was it nice and wide a monorail ran on both sides the Renton airport was still there. Gone were the Boeing buildings. There were beautiful houses there, it looked like a large gated community, really beautiful. Renton also was really beautiful. I saw one monorail come from Southcenter to Renton then south east on 169th I followed it all the way to Maple Valley. I saw our home on 244th it looked almost the same the yard, barn, and still horses in the pastier and yes I see a beautiful dog and two cats out by the barn. I then followed the monorail, it went form Maple Valley to four corners then Black Diamond and then all the way to Enumclaw then along side the highway to Auburn, Kent back to Renton Southcenter and back to Seattle. I could actually watch the train it moved along fast, no wonder the freeways were not over crowded. I then went back to Enumclaw and followed the rail alongside 4 10 only up in the air. It went to Lake Tapps, I tried to find my son Russ’ house, I just could not find it. From Lake Tapps the rail went all the way to Tacoma I again had to rest, I was really tired. I waited for three days till I looked again. Wilber said, “good friend you told me you could only stay a total often days”. I looked again and saw the rail went from Tacoma to Fort Lewis then to Olympia. From Tacoma it also went north to Fife, then to Federal Way only it now ran above old 99. From Federal way it went to the SeaTac airport. I noticed the airport now had four runways. The airplanes looked really advanced almost like flying saucers from the airport the rail went back to Seattle Wilber told me I could look one more day then he just had to get back to work on the scope. He told me if he could only live another five to ten years he could find a way to look into the scope and go back in time. One could go back in history and see everything, seems impossible but so does this scope. Wilber thinks his brain power is wearing out, at least he is really tired. He told me one night while we were just sitting around talking of old times, he said I think I will be going home to be with our lord soon. I tired to tell him that he was just overly tired and to rest for a couple weeks. But knowing Wilber one or two days is all that he would rest. He said he always wanted to see heaven, see if it is as beautiful as the bible says. He said Tom, I am readyto go, I have had a wonderful life here on earth. He said, first I got to get the work on the scope. I want to find a way to get back to our past. I pray he will find a way soon. I looked one last time into the scope, I found Lake Washington, the rail ran from 520 to Bellevue, then headed East to Monroe, then southeast to Issaquah and into North Bend it ran along 190 again back to Seattle. The freeways were not crowded. I noticed all the trucks had their own lanes on the freeways. It sure would be nice if I had really been there. I would like to see some of my grandkids, if any are still living, I’m sure some must be. They would have grandkids of their own. There must be a lot of Toms in the Seattle area. It would also be nice to see old South Dakota, Id like to see if there were any Toms back in old Britain. Id like to see Sturgis S.D. see if they still have the rally. Before I forget, all the cars were quite small, about the size of a Ford Taurus. Al the cars were really far out, they seemed to have no exhaust. I’m sure they are powered by a muchadvanced power than the old gas engine. Being interested in motorcycles my whole life and all; I looked and found hundreds of them. They also had no gas fumes, I wanted to get a closer look to see if Harley Davidson was still building bikes, I just could not see that well. I also was very tired, I looked for Tukwila for Russ’ Downtown Harley. I finally found the old building, it was now occupied by a furniture dealer. I wondered what happened to the Harley store, I looked for two hours. I was just exhausted, but I finally found it, it now was off 1-5 only 2-3 miles South. Boy talk about big and beautiful. I told myself ifi could stop in and get some of the coffee and doughnuts. But who would know me. Maybe some of Russ’ great grand kids were running the store. This would be too much to ask for, but it is nice to dream.

I begged Wilber to give me one more day, I wanted to see all of those Big beautiful cities built in the deserts of California, Arizona, and Nevada. Wilber said, Carmen I just have to get back to work on the scope. It is too bad that I don’t have two. So I thanked my good friend, I said I am tired out, tomorrow I will get on my Harley and leave for Maple Valley. I will see you my good friend next spring, but I will call you before that.

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